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Tracy Herbert's epic solo 3,527-mile bicycle ride across the United States




    RIDE for HOPE tells the story of how Tracy Herbert beat all the odds and overcame every obstacle that stood in her way as she completed her solo 3,527-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to New York City. What do you do when you are faced with the reality of living with an illness that could end your life prematurely? How do you face that and, more importantly, how does it define you? 

    In this book Tracy chronicles every day of her amazing ride with all the ups and downs (literally and figuratively). One reader told her "I felt like I was right there riding with you each day."

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    Some of Tracy's favorite images from the ride

    Day 1 at the Golden Gate Bridge

    Day 1 Leonardo Cycles 

    Day 3 Fun Meeting People

    Day 4 New Friends

    Day 4 Sacramento Capitol

    Day 5 Roseville Old Train Depot

    Day 5 Sacramento TV

    Day 6 The Support Team

    Day 7 Hot Beautiful Day

    Day 7 Indy's a Good Boy 

    Day 9 Beautiful Day in California 

    Day 9 Crossing Pacific Crest Trail 

    Day 9 Donner Summit

    Day 10 Before Getting Lost

    Day 10 Heading to Truckee

    Day 10 in Nevada

    Day 10 lake and Sierra

    Day 13 Believe Sign in Reno

    Day 14 Rest Break in the Sierra's 

    Day 15 Glen and Kimberly Plake

    Day 16 New Friends 

    Day 16 Times Have Changed

    Day 17 Free Range Cow 

    Day 17 on Highway 722

    Day 17 The Road Less Traveled

    Day 19 Hickson Petroglyph's

    Day 19 Lonely Road in Nevada

    Day 21 Sunset Silver Sky Lodge

    Day 22 Another Summit Finished

    Day 24 Wind and Dust 

    Day 25 Cool Statue

    Day 26 They Weren't Joking

    Day 27 Approaching Salt Lake City

    Day 29 Salt Lake City TV 

    Day 32 Riding on Interstate 80

    Day 26 They Weren't Joking

    Day 33 Beauty All Around

    Day 34 Turned Around for View

    Day 35 Another Windy Day

    Day 35 Never Quit!

    Day 36 Green River

    Day 36 Highway Closure Sign

    Day 37 Epic Accomplishment 

    Day 39 We Are Family 

    Day 40 Look What I Just Did 

    Day 40 Tough Climb

    Day 42 Cheyenne TV

    Day 42 Hello Nebraska

    Day 54 Fred's Foil Dinners

    Day 56 Leaving Anita State Park 

    Day 58 Hello Des Moines 

    Day 58 Indy's First Live Video

    Day 59 High Trestle Bridge

    Day 59 Janet is an Encourager

    Day 61 TV at Fox Brewery 

    Day 61 Sammie in Des Moines 

    Day 62 Brunch with Family 

    Day 62 Indy and Sammie saying goodbye

    Day 67 Hello Illinois 

    Day 70 Flowers in Chicago 

    Day 71 Great Lunch in Chicago

    Day 73 Sign to Fort Wayne

    Day 75 Ed and Sally 

    Day 75 Memory Lane with Brad

    Day 76 Tracy, Fred, and Janeece

    Day 76 - In Ohio

    Day 80 Covered Bridge

    Day 80 Farm in Ohio

    Day 81 Made it to Pennsylvania

    Day 82 Wow, a Submarine

    Day 83 Ghost Town Trail

    Day 84 Yikes!!!

    Day 86 Why Did the Chicken...

    Day 89 Bridge to Jersey

    Day 89 Following Rules

    Day 89 in New Jersey

    Day 91 Arrived in Newark

    Day 92 Liberty Park

    Day 92 Manhattan

    Day 93 at ABC Studios

    Day 93 Filming with Dr Oz

    Day 93 Interview with Dr Oz

    Day 93 Brooklyn Bridge 

    Day 93 Ride is Finished